New Blog | Vulnerability Assessment with Defender for Servers, by Defender Vulnerability Management


By Shahar Bahat


 Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a comprehensive multicloud application protection platform (CNAPP) meticulously designed to safeguard your cloud-based applications from every angle, covering the entire journey from code to cloud. A pivotal aspect of cloud security involves the continuous monitoring and management of emerging vulnerabilities across your cloud workloads. By implementing strong vulnerability management practices, organizations can enhance their security posture, minimize the attack surface, and reinforce defenses against potential security breaches. 

We’re excited to share that starting May 1st, we are introducing unified vulnerability assessment, and as a part of this Defender for Cloud will now exclusively offer Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management as its primary scanner across servers and containers, as we shared in our previous recent blogs (12).  This strategic transition equips security administrators with access to Microsoft's unparalleled threat intelligence, advanced breach likelihood predictions. This integration offers security administrators a centralized vulnerability scanner, serving as a unified engine for all workloads spanning cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. This enables a seamless and precise risk assessment process. Equipped with these functionalities, security teams can proficiently detect, evaluate, prioritize, and address vulnerabilities, effectively overseeing an extended attack surface and strengthening the overall posture against cloud risks. 


Read the full post here:  Vulnerability Assessment with Defender for Servers, Powered by Defender Vulnerability Management

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