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Successful Security Posture Management: control your SaaS apps via Microsoft Cloud App Security - Mi...

A security posture management system should continuously report on and improve your organization’s security posture by focusing on disrupting any potential attackers from gaining a return on their investment. Specifically, security posture management in cloud applications should encompass two things-- cloud security posture management (CSPM) and SaaS security posture management (SSPM).  


Secure Access for applications with Microsoft Cloud App Security - Microsoft Tech Community

Your cloud access security broker (CASB) should provide secure, easy and adaptive access to your organization’s apps depending on factors like location, device and user behavior. Adaptive access affirms the security measures your organization has put into place. This brief two-minute video demonstrates the flexibility of secure access in Microsoft Cloud App Security.


Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security in 2021

Information protection is a key component of a CASB, and should deliver an integrated, nuanced understanding of your organization’s sensitive-labeled data as it's leveraged in your cloud environment. This brief two-minute video demonstrates the deep reach of information protection in Microsoft Cloud App Security.


Cloud usage blind spots, how to uncover them and seamlessly control risks to your organization

Rapid cloud adoption is a fact, and we believe any organization should adopt the cloud in a safe and monitored way to minimize risk of exposure. Shadow IT discovery should give immediate and clear feedback to your organization about which applications are being leveraged in your cloud environmentThis brief two-minute video demonstrates the value of cloud shadow IT discovery in Microsoft Cloud App Security.

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