New Blog Post | Defender CSPM enhances risk prioritization, remediation, and compliance


With almost 90% of organizations adopting a multicloud strategy, successfully securing the entire environment has never been more important. However, the complexities of multicloud environments can introduce security risks, particularly if there is lack of visibility across environments and security is managed in siloes. Microsoft Defender for Cloud helps organizations break down their multicloud security siloes by offering a market-leading cloud-native application protection platform, integrating security – not just across clouds, but also throughout the application life cycle.  


Mitigating cloud-based risks must be powered by visibility and prioritization of underlying risks to enable security teams to get ahead of threats. Defender CSPM is a market-leading solution that delivers comprehensive visibility and remediation capabilities to help security teams harden their posture across multicloud environments.  


Today, we're excited to announce new innovations in Defender CSPM reinforce our commitment to empowering security teams to better prioritize business-critical risks, accelerate multicloud compliance, and streamline risk remediation.   


Proactively protect and prioritize risks to business-critical resources 

For many security teams struggling with limited resources and fatigued with seemingly endless security findings, pinpointing exploitable security issues to business-critical cloud resources has never been more important. Our exciting announcements further our growth to help security teams efficiently prioritize and remediate their most critical risks.  


Read the full post here: Defender CSPM enhances risk prioritization, remediation, and compliance for multicloud environments 

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