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  1. The Component is Regulatory compliance from the MDC
  1. We are monitoring Regulatory compliance like, CIS, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS for Azure subscriptions through Microsoft Defender for Cloud(MDC). And we want to check how new subscription automatically get compliant under regulatory compliance   
  2. For example:
  3. Currently, we are monitoring 10 subscriptions in MDC, and have implemented CSI standard on all 10 subscriptions. If There is new subscription being added. Is it possible that new subscription automatically gets monitored under the CSI Regulatory compliance.
  4. Is any automated for this if tenant add new subscription is added to azure


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Hi Ikam_Ajay_kumar,

Are you using Management Groups? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/governance/management-groups/overview
Management Groups are a way of grouping Subscriptions and applying a common set of policies/guiderails to those Subscriptions.
In the Azure portal, search for "Management Groups" and select the relevant Management Group
Select "Policy"
Select "Assign Initiative"
Under Basics, select the Initiative definition you want, such as "CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark."
Any Subscriptions placed beneath this Management Group will be assessed against this initiative.

Hope this helps. Thanks, Ash