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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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MDCA is not allowing Chrome Plugins

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Hi All,


I have enabled MDCA for a Salesforce instance.

We were using a Chrome plugin called "Salesforce Inspector".


Plugin URL = 


After enabling the MDCA policy on that instance, the plugin is not visible. Does MDCA block plugins? if yes, how can we allow the legitimate use of plugins on our instance? 


Also, does MDCA block CSRF? how can we allow trusted origins?

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Conditional Access App Control works by proxying user connections to cloud apps (provided Azure AD is used for authentication) through the MDCA service, and then monitoring connections and applying policies to user sessions in real time. Because connections are proxied, rather than direct to the app, the policies defined can control – at a granular level – the functionality delivered to the end user.

Keep in mind that app control only works for web sessions, so if you want to ensure your cloud apps are secured, you might want to block desktop and mobile apps or manage them by using Endpoint Manager or other means.



Yes, the issue is only for Web Sessions, we do not have desktop or mobile apps.


The Chrome extensions ("Salesforce Inspector" is the plugin name) that work fine with Web Sessions without MDCA are not visible when we enable MDCA on Salesforce.


PFa screenshot.

@rdankhara123 yes MDCA can block . If MD blocks then you will find log

So my question is, how to stop it from getting blocked? Because we know the plugin is legit and we want users to use it without getting blocked.


i have the same problem .... did you figure out the solution ?

Browser and Extension Compatibility:

Ensure that the plugin is compatible with the browsers being used by your staff.
Verify that there are no browser-specific settings or extensions that might be interfering with the plugin’s functionality.
Clear Cache and Cookies:

Sometimes, browser cache and cookies can interfere with the visibility and functionality of plugins. Clear the cache and cookies and try again.
Update Browser and Plugins:

Ensure that both the browser and the plugin are up to date. Sometimes updates can resolve compatibility issues.