MCAS with Outlook Web App Add-Ins


Anyone using MCAS with Outlook Web App + Add-ins? 


Zoom, Webex, FindTime etc. all don't seem to be working via MCAS 


The plugins are using Azure SSO.

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Hi @gd-29 


When you mentioned MCAS with Outlook Web App + Add-ins - do you mean seeing this add-ins as detected OAuth apps in O365, or, seeing them identified in the Discovered apps section?

Also, have you been able to see these apps under Enterprise Application in Azure AD?






no not in the MCAS apps. 


passing outlook on the web through MCAS - broke the ability to schedule zoom or webex meetings via the addins. 


i opened a ticket but it went to the product team to fix (should be fixed now). we removed MCAS from the flow because we were in the middle of an exchange migration and users were affected by the issue.