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MCAS : Query with ActivityId

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I' m facing a problem. I want to make a query base on specific raw data. (ActivityId)


ex . "principalPuid": "1003BFFDA1B1D499",
"RowKey": "355195b04fc549379340aad7e9a01fb5___Frontdoor.Worker.razzle___Frontdoor.Worker.razzle_IN_7___0000000171799177929",
"eventCategory": "Administrative",
"MdsQueryRowCount": -1,
"EventName": "csmEastUS2RPFEventServiceEntriesVer",
"ActivityId": "17400027-40fe-4331-be2c-71c512a6c111",
"MD5Key": "5c8c611a",
"TaskName": "EventServiceEntry",
"SourceTableName": "csmEastUS2RPFEventServiceEntriesVer20v0",
"properties": "",


but filter with Activity ID is 17400027-40fe-4331-be2c-71c512a6c111 does not work.


so.. what am i doing wrong?




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@Sebastien Molendijk: Is this something you can help with? 






You can't query MCAS API using the RAW data activity ID.

You have to use the MCAS activity ID, so you can access the RAW data information.


May I ask what you are trying to achieve ?