MCAS not finding SharePoint site files and folders other than the root site?


I just began working with MCAS, and added O365 as an app. It has been about four days since.


SharePoint in this tenant has a few dozen sites and hundreds of files.


When I click on Files, and filter by SharePoint Online, I only see 15, all files and folders from the root site. Is there something I'm missing to get it to crawl and surface all the sites/libraries/folders/files in the tenant?


For context, I'm looking to test using MCAS to automatically apply sensitivity labels to certain libraries/folders.




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Hi PhoenixMS

Did you manage to derive a fix for this problem? Or did it work out in another way?

I experience this issue as well with my demo tenant, so I would be very interested to hear if you succeeded in resolving the issue.

Thank you and best regards,