MCAS - No option to use old dashboard experience

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So I see we have a new dashboard experience this morning in MCAS, without the ability to roll back to the old dashboard experience. 


  • Handy Graphs on alerts based on priority missing
  • Trend graphs and other detail on all my custom apps missing. 
  • Some of the very useful widgets missing,
  • other widgets not in use - displayed persistently, cluttering the dashboard. 

Please consider a phased introduction of a new experience as this current dashboard with no option to roll back to the old experience is not working for me and my team without due testing.


What happened to customer changed control and acceptance? 








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@jamrobot Hi, thanks for the feedback! I'll relay this back to the product group.


What are the "very useful," widgets you mentioned in your 3rd bullet? 

Hi @jamrobot following up on the question above, do you mind elaborating more on the bullets you mentioned?


Thanks so much!


From what I can recall

  • Activity alerts with a trending graph and the ability to adjust the period - this was very useful where we created custom policies
  • Activity map (although this could have been improved)
  • Content matches 
  • Top 3 alerts
  • Filters by specific app
  • number of user notifications sent
  • Also the ability to hide tiles not in use