MCAS Conditional Access App Control - Hide "Access to [Application] is monitored"

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I'm looking to launch an initiative to start using Conditional Access App Control in a large company. During some demo's I received the feedback that it would be key to hide/skip the "Access to [Application] is monitored".

It got mentioned in a couple of resources that it's possible, but I can't find where to set this up that this screen is not presented to all users all the time. Can anyone point me to this?

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Hi @Dries Vandenhoeck 


It's in the settings page, at the bottom, in "User monitoring".

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Thank you @Sebastien Molendijk for pointing me in the right direction. Below I added some screenshots for extra visual reference.


As the traffic is routed through MCAS, this setting can be changed in MCAS. It's listed in the large set of settings and has no granularity to it. (Maybe something Microsoft can look into to make this a setting per application?)


  1. Open the MCAS Application settings:
    MCAS Settings.PNG
  2.  Look for "User monitoring" below the "Conditional Access App Control" header
  3. Change the setting based on your needs and save your change.

I hope this helps some people out.


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