List all Exemptions with expiration date

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I found this query which give some good information but when I try to tweak, it breaks.  I'm not great at the ARG so I'm not sure how to pull info from within property tables.


| where type == '' and properties.status.cause == 'Exempt'
| extend assessmentKey = name, resourceId = tolower(trim(' ',tostring(properties.resourceDetails.Id))), healthStatus = properties.status.code, cause = properties.status.cause, reason = properties.status.description, displayName = properties.displayName
| project assessmentKey, id, name, displayName, resourceId, healthStatus, cause, reason


I'd like to have a report similar to the Export you can generate from the Regulatory Compliance section but have the added information of Exemption category and their date of expiration along with any notes. 


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@snteran925 The first thing you need to do is Project the Properties Column (#1), then when you run the query (and press "see details") you can see those data points you wish to extend (example #2)