Legacy conditional access app control feature?

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Hi all,


I have an issue with the legacy conditional access app control feature, which I'm not able to find any documentation on. It's not the same feature as the one setup using conditional access policies in Azure AD.

I believe it works something like a single-sign on proxy, where the identity provider proxies through MCAS then MCAS passes the login to the service provider. This allows applying access policies within MCAS for the logins.

The apps configured has an extra option to edit the settings:



I've been using it before MCAS was acquired from Adallom.


Does anyone know what the status of this feature is? Is it still supported?

I've contacted support about it, but it didn't go anywhere.

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This is not a issue. 


We're in the process of rolling out support for 3rd party identity providers such as Ping and Okta as an example for conditional access app control. 


To have access and session controls available for different SaaS apps when not authenticating through AAD. You will have to walk through the configuration wizard you screenshot.