Is Check Point Cloud on the roadmap as a Secure Web Gateway integration?

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It would be good if this is supported like ZScaler and iboss. 

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Hi Tristan,

Microsoft confirmed they were reaching out to Checkpoint on this TC thread

Recommended to chase this thread and raise a uservoice on it at

There is nothing else I can see regarding it on the Microsoft 365 roadmap here

Strange considering Checkpoint has been available on Azure for some time.

Hope I answered your question. If I did please like and set as the solution. If not, please let me know how I can help further.

Best, Chris

Hi Chris, 


To be clear, I'm asking specifically about Check Point Cloud, which my client said is a Secure Web Gateway, rather than the firewall integrations which already exist. Poking around on their site, I didn't immediately spot the service, but I'm told it's a fairly new offering. They would like to maintain the on-premises integration they are planning now whenever they transition over to the cloud service. Ideally this would be via the Secure Web Gateway integrations we have today in ZScaler and iboss. 




Hi Tristan,

Understood. Nothing on the roadmap at present. I recommend raising a uservoice and reaching out to Microsoft.

Best, Chris
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Hi Tristan,

This is indeed an interesting point, which is currently not on MCAS roadmap.
CP Cloud will be reviewed shortly to examine the opportunity for such an integration.
Is there customer demand for that?


Thanks Danny. Yes, we are working with a customer who is considering moving to the cloud service next year, and they raised this question while we were workshopping MCAS.