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When I look at the activity log, MCAS is showing that I'm peforming activities from an IP address in Ireland, when I'm actually in North Carolina, using my company VPN at a location in the US Southeast. Can someone help me understand what is going on and how the location could be so wrong?


Upon further investigation, it looks like the action I performed (closing a ticket) was actually done a service in Azure, which occurred in Ireland data center, which is even more confusing, because our Azure tenant is located in East US and MCAS is in the US3 data center in West US 2 region.  So now I have another mystery. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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There could potentially be many things going on. So as always, with the cloud, things like this can happen. If this indeed was another Azure service doing this on behalf of you, that would explain the IP address and it’s location.

Your company could also be using a (security) proxy service. I’ve seen this issue occur in my organization often because the outbound IPs are in different countries which can result in all kinds of weirdness (like a search engine or web pages in a different language etc).

It’s also possible that an IP is incorrectly labeled in the databases used to do geo lookups.

You can always try one of the many publicly available IP geo lookup sites to see who it belongs to and what location it’s marked as.