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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Generate MCAS activity in a demo tenant

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Does anyone have any ideas / pointers on how to quickly generate activity that will be picked up by MCAS in their demo tenants? I've been recently tasked with putting together a webinar on MCAS, but all of the click-through guides and recorded videos I'm finding have pretty old activity dates and I wanted to try to get some fairly recent activity to show if possible.

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@ttelrocj Hi! Good question, what kind of activities are you looking to generate? Creating specific policies you know will match may be a quick way to generate activities and alerts.

@Caroline_Lee The policies aren't what I'm wrestling with per se....I'm trying to figure out an easier way to generate the client activity (from the desktop side) without having to do it manually. If I want to show things like shadow it, oauth with 3rd-party apps, etc. I have to set up a bunch of services that I don't use today and then do stuff logged in as Megan and others, send emails, upload files to Dropbox, save stuff to Salesforce, etc. to show off that particular feature. I'd blow through my $150 Azure credit in about a week, and spend a lot of time generating traffic to MCAS when I have other billable work to tackle. I know it's a long shot, but thought I should post to see if anyone had a structured approach to the client-side activity generation.

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@ttelrocj Got it. I double checked with my team and unfortunately, there is no quick way to simulate those types of activities you're looking to generate you would have to manually conduct those actions.

@Caroline_Lee - mweeemp mwoooomp... Thanks for asking :~)