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Hi Guys, 


got a question related to the server assessment VA /Advisor recommendation.

I just fixed a VA item, but the docs says it will take up to 48 hours before it will refresh the data/ before i can see new VA results.

"How quickly will the scanner identify newly disclosed critical vulnerabilities?

Within 48 hrs of the disclosure of a critical vulnerability, Qualys incorporates the information into their processing and can identify affected machines."


Is there another way to force this ?

my reference is this link 




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Hi @joetahsin ,


The same article says: "Scanning begins automatically as soon as the extension is successfully deployed. Scans will then run at four-hour intervals. This interval isn't configurable.". 


Also, you can trigger an on-demand scan to expedite the process:


@Stanislav Belov


Hi Stanislav, 


thanks for your reply and your info!