Error message help MS Defender and AWS

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I am trying to configure MS Defender for Cloud on AWS and I am getting the following error:


'Failed to create security connector. Error: 'Contract validation of data model failed, with error: The json value of configuration failed validation, with reason: Configuration : Configuration value cannot be null!'


I have tried creating template with both options management account and single account. Either ways I am getting the same error. Could the community help me in configuring the same?

In case of Single account option I am not getting service principal option as shown here: How to Connect AWS to Microsoft Defender for Cloud [Microsoft Defender for Cloud Demo] - YouTube


In case of Management account option, the documentation here: Connect your AWS account to Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Microsoft Learn at step number 12 does not explains naming of Stack and Stackset. When one creates a Stackset so stack is automatically created so why do we need to create a stack first. 

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@Jas2388 is it resoled? because i also see the same error coming up while onboarding the AWS management account to MDC