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Jun 27 2023, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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Dropbox controls for individually created accounts

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The customer that I am working with has a number of users who have created "personal" Dropbox accounts.  They where created using there organisations email address i.e. This was perfect shadow IT, as OneDrive wasn't rolled out at the time so the users found their own solution.


Is there a way to bring them under MCAS management or migrate them to a business Dropbox account and thus MCAS managed from there? 


I understand that the second question is probably more of a Dropbox question.  Dropbox is accounts are actively used by these accounts, so like everything in I.T the ideal solution would be invisible to the users.   


Any help or guidance is appreciated. 


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From what I can tell this needs a Dropbox business account as MCAS connects to the business account via an admin user

Good news is that Dropbox basic accounts can be moved to a Business account

So these can be consolidated. Bad news is that I don’t think there is a way to make this invisible to the user or that MCAS can be made to work with multiple Dropbox basic accounts.

Hope that answers your questions and is enough to get you in the right direction!

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard,

I knew the dropbox connection required a business account, but I didn't find the dropbox article about moving account to the business ones. 

I would be nice to enable the session based control warning on selected accounts like this with a notification requesting the users move their data, or at least letting them know it is being "monitored"

Thanks heaps for the information.