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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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Discovery Dashboard in MS Defender for Cloud apps

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How long does it take for your company organization apps to appear in the discovery dashboard? It is currently blank, and I have enabled everything but not sure if I have dont it correctly or if I need to wait a while. Any help please?

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@daradona10 generally you will start to see applications within a few hours of turning on discovery.  It also depends on the method you've used.  If you are using Defender for Endpoint, make sure to change the drop down in the discovery dashboard to Windows 10 Endpoint Devices to see the traffic.

I have used defender for endpoint. I havent done anything else other than connecting my app connectors. I can't change the drop down in discovery dashboard as My discovery dashboard is blank and will not allow me to do anything nor does it have any list of options

@daradona10 got it, in this case app connectors won't give you visibility into shadow IT discovery.


The easiest and fastest way is to integrate with MDE

Integrate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Defender for Cloud Apps | Microsoft Learn


You can also integrate with log collector

Deploy Cloud Discovery | Microsoft Learn


And we have integrations with some appliances
Integrate Defender for Cloud Apps with Zscaler | Microsoft Learn

i create a lot of my apps in the azure active directory like say the logic apps, web apps and function apps. I also use the azure dev ops for creating the pipelines and repos for code. All of my users work remotely. Is the MS defender for cloud in Azure AD sufficient and/or the same as MS defender for cloud apps? Does the MS defender for cloud apps need firewall and proxy logs to show us in the Discovery dashboard or unless it takes in logs from individual users? We do not have on-prem stuff. Sory for the questions but I am confused to whether this license for me is needed. Thanks again

Hi @daradona10,


These are actually 2 different products.


Defender for Cloud

What is Microsoft Defender for Cloud? - Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Microsoft Learn


Defender for Cloud Apps

What is Defender for Cloud Apps? | Microsoft Learn


Shadow IT discovery in Defender for Cloud Apps relies on data from either defender for endpoint or your network appliances to provide "discovery" of what SaaS apps are being used in your environment.  This is geared more towards SaaS apps rather than logic apps / power apps.

Discover and manage Shadow IT tutorial | Microsoft Learn