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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Disable MDC and MDE extension

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I hope someone can help to clear a few things:smile:


When you disable the paid version of MDC and goes to the free version, the guideline is:
-Delete the MDE.Windows extension
-run the MDE-offboarding script, to offboard from MDE
But what about the Qualys Agent running on the client, it will not be uninstalled?


If you decide to stay with MDE for Servers instead of MDC(turning MDC from ON to OFF) should you still offboard and delete the MDE.Windows extension? or just delete the extension?
Is there any difference between the MDE-Workspace used by MDC and MDE, or is it the same WorkspaceID?


From the onboarding page you can download and install the MMA agent and copy the WorkspaceID(2016 and down-level), is this WorkspaceID also used with the new preview-onboarding for 2012R2/2016 and up-level, or are there 2 different WorkspaceID's?


And where do I find pro and cons for the TVM vs Qualys vulnerability assessment? what are MS recommendations moving forward?

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We do not provide an automated way of uninstalling the qualys agent as part of the MDC offboarding experience. You would need to do this using your software management tool or manually.

As far as TVM vs Qualys, we don't have a publicly available comparison and our recommendation is obviously going to biased :) If you company is under NDA with us, please reach out to your Microsoft account team with this request.