Difference between AIP automatic labels and MCAS labelling?

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I've been getting into both AIP and MCAS for the last month and am a bit confused in what de difference is between setting up an AIP label to apply automatically and applying AIP labels through MCAS (also automatically).

What are the main differences in using these methods? Am I missing something obvious here? Is one better than the other?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Sam,
AIP automatic labeling refers to labeling done by either:
1. AIP client which automatically applies a label when a user opens / creates a file
2. AIP scanner which runs over on-premises repositories and applies labels to the files in them according to certain conditions (like file content).

In this example you can think of MCAS as a scanner for cloud repositories which allows you to automatically scan files stores in SPO/OD/Box/Google drive etc... and apply labels to those files based on the criteria you define.

May you share some examples of scenarios to create policies in MCAS & AIP Scanner.

"Search for files that are being saved to SharePoint or Onedrive. This will facilitate to observe if they can be automatically labelled with classification labels to a document library, folder, or document set in SharePoint/Onerive, so that all documents that arrive in that location inherit the default retention label
MS Word — Min count 10, Max count any
MS Excel — Min count 10, Max count any
MS Powerpoint — Min count 10, Max count any