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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Deploying and Onboarding 2008 R2

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Hi all,

We purchased Defender for Business Servers, and i need to install it on some 2008 R2 servers. There is no Defender for Endpoint software, so following the guides, i only have to install the MMA, but then how i know my server is protected? i need to enroll it at azure? 

Our servers are on-premise, and i don't know if i need to use Azure Arc (i need to pay?), anyone is using Defender for Windows Servers (On-Premise) with 2008 R2 version?

Thanks in advance

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@jriaza you can enroll them to M365 Endpoints by using the following settings from your security portal 



yes, i already did it, but that's only for MMA (send analytics to Azure). After that how i protect our 2008 R2, what i need to do?

@jriaza  now you start seeing any Security recommendations and weakness related to that server in the M365 Endpoints portal? the device will appear in the list of devices and within hours you should start seeing results to what to do in that server 



@eliekarkafy  Thank you so much! I see the weakness and recommendations from this server, but then i don't need to deploy the server to Azure Arc and nothing else? i only need to install the MMA? I mean, in case this server could be attacked, it will be protected? or i just see the reports and actions after the attack?

Thanks again in advance! 

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you have to apply all the security recommendations that M365 endpoints is suggesting but take into consideration any setting may that affect your production on this server. the security recommendations will harden your server from any attack .

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Understood, thank you for your help!
If its server 2008 R2 you need to install the old SCEP AV. the MMA agent is not an AV.