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Apr 03 2024, 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
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Delayed MCAS Policy Scanning in Box

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We have integrated Box and MCAS. We have noticed that MCAS policies are applied at different time intervals and not close to Near Real Time. Fastest policy alert is 5 hours and up to a few days. This policy is directed to be applied to one folder in Box. We tested this policy in SharePoint and it was successful in identifying and labeling the files within an hour. Does anyone know how the policies are applied from MCAS to Box? and if there is a setting that I need to turn on to speed up the file scan in Box.

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Any update on this? We am noticing significant delays even with scanning docs in SharePoint Online via MCAS and the MCAS file policies performing the evaluation and applying governance action. In one case, it took about 5 days before a MCAS file policy would report and alert on matching policy results. 5 days is way too long.

Currently, we are doing feature testing of MCAS-AIP integration. We created a simple file policy to perform content inspection for PII, fire an alert, and perform an governance action (apply a sensitivity label). It's been 24+ hours and the file policy is not executing.

I do not see anywhere in Microsoft documentation about the queuing the files to be scanned and the frequency that MCAS file policies are being executed.