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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Defender for Servers Feature Trade Off ,when Onboarding Non-Azure Machines without Azure Arc.

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Hello Team,


I am deploying Defender for Servers Plan 2 to On-Prem & AWS Servers to  using Defender for Cloud and not Azure Arc Enabled Machine.


Are there any feature Trade-Off w.r.t Defender for Servers Plan 2 ,if Non-Azure Machines are not on-boarded through Azure Arc?

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Hi @Gauta2185 


Yes, there are trade-offs. 

Azure Arc is the recommended way of connecting non-Azure machines to Defender for Cloud.

Connect your non-Azure machines to Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Microsoft Docs


If you connect without Arc you won't get the integration with MDE and vuln assessment (either TVM or Qualys).

@Stanislav Belov Thanks for the feedback.I was also investigating this.I found out that 'Quick Fix' will not work.Azure Policy may not enforced.

This is an awesome starter as Hybrid Cloud Infra becomes rapidly more popular it seems like Microsoft is ahead of the curve on securing them all. Maybe as I get more ingested on my new team I will try to do a live lab of Azure Arc and MDE Server install then a dashboard view of all three clouds.