Defender for Cloud - Workload Protection features per Workload ?


I've been thinking about all the current Protection Use cases of Defender for Cloud (Mar/22).


There is support for many cloud-native workloads so a bird's eye view of what can be achieved on each is quite welcome I believe.


So I've scoured the public official docs and made a chart of some of the capabilities per workload.

I don't know if there's a better, public and official document on this?



This is what I found out in my own research:

The list of Workloads was retrieved from the official Microsoft docs page.

For each Workload’s Protection Use cases, the official public docs file was referenced.

There are nuances for supported controls per platform so be sure to check the sources for all details.

Information updated on Mar 2022.

All Information contained in here must always be checked against the latest documentation.

For a Complete list of all alerts generated by Defender for Cloud, per workload with reference of MITRE ATT&CK’s tactics, check out this official doc.


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