Defender for Cloud Apps Outdated Browsers - Wrong User Agent String

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I have been creating Activity Policies to detect logins from outdated browsers. Frustratingly, users who I know have up to date browsers installed, are still being detected by the policy for running the likes of Chrome 96 and Edge 18.


I have seen an old thread discussing something similar but there is no response or workaround for this issue. -


I don't want to change the policy to only look for certain browser versions. I'd like the policy to work as advertised and only detect interactive logins via outdated browsers. It looks as though the wrong User Agent tags are being read, as I know the users are not running the browser versions displayed.


How can I get around

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@SOCsandSandals generally the policy should detect n-2 versions behind.  There might also be scenarios where a native client of some kind is using an older browser for logins to applications as well.


Would recommend opening a support ticket so it can be investigated.