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Hi All, 


I am sort of in a pickle here. I am a consultant and work with multiple different customers. 

Currently I am working with MS defender deployments which includes Microsoft defender for Cloud Apps. 

For the first few deployments everything was smooth and worked perfectly. 

But now I have a growing number of customer for whom it is not. 
Basically I am following this documentation here: Connect Google Workspace - Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps | Microsoft Learn

Step by step - I have followed from creating the project and so on and so forth. 

But the problem arises when I try to finish the config on the Microsoft side:

At the last step it links me this:


this link when clicked only takes you to the google admin console and does nothing - no pop ups or anything. Mind you, I have already given the API permissions previously. 
Whats worse is that it doesnt even bring you back to the security portal. If I cancel out of there - the app connector is created but - it never connects and just hangs at the "no recent status" message like below:


I have triple checked permissions and everything - none of it seems to be an issue. And this is currently happening for two different customers - two very different tenants.

I opened a support ticket as well with MS and they linked me to this documentation - Network requirements - Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps | Microsoft Learn
But I never had to this before for any other customer and neither is it a mention in the official doc page before. So why now?

Any help is greatly appreciated - you would probably be better than MS support anyways :(


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Thanks for reaching out.
I am a Product Manager with Defender for Cloud Apps working on our API connectors.
Can you please mail me the support ticket number @

I will work with you in getting this verified by our engineering team.