Conditional Access in CAS

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I was looking at the documentation on this and I see some options to set limited access, like read only to the conditional access apps, if certain criteria is met. I aslo see the option to block or set limited access to desktop and mobile apps, which I configure with an access policy, but I cannot find much documentation on this. Is it possible to to set a policy in CAS to for instance give read-only or block access to Outlook fat client and not just webmail?


Please let me know.

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@Ryan Heffernan @MariaYacaman 


Hi there, Session controls to enable read-only access can be configured in browsers. Access controls to block access to client apps (mobile/desktop) can be used to force user to use the browser. 

@Alex Esibov 


Thank you Alex. This is what we are looking to do.

Do you have documentation on how to set the policy in CAS to block? I am unable to find guidance on it. Of is it done in Azure AD? 


Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

Maria Y.