Conditional access app control issue.

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Hi Microsoft tech Community,

I have a 3d party application connected to Azure AD for SSO purposes. 

Started to use Defender for cloud app/ CA app control to monitor all signings session and here what I did:

1- create a CA policy in Azure AD included all users and the 3d party app.

2- signed out and signed in again to refresh my session

3- In DCA portal ---> settings --> CA app control found the application.

4- clicked on onboard the app with session control ---> checked the box off use this app  sessions controls then save.

5- sessions started to be sent to MCAS.

Everything was good but after I tried to sign in to the 3d party app with the SSO capabilities a message was appaired indicating that this application is being monitored then I clicked on continue, it redirected me to the 3d party website not  the webapp dashboard.

anyone has faced this before.




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Hi @mohammadalkhateeb,


This sounds like it could be an issue related to context loss.  If you append to the initial URL do you land at the correct place?


Troubleshooting access and session controls | Microsoft Learn

I just tested it, so the answer is no
In that case I would recommend opening a support ticket, there might be a SSO URL config required and they can help with this.
Not sure where to go to open MCAS ticket

@mohammadalkhateeb there is a link to support when you click ? in the upper right corner of the portal