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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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CloudAppSecurity via Deletegated Admins

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Is it possible to manage CloudAppSecurity as delegated admins, from an MSP point of view, managing multiple clients?

Or do we need to manage each client completely separately using admin accounts from their own tenants?

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@Caio Correa

@Sebastien Molendijk: Is this something you can speak to?  

Hi@Caio Correa 

You can invite external admins to manage an MCAS tenant by using the settings -> Manage Admins dialog.

The requirement for this is that the invited admin has their own MCAS tenant.

Once invited the admin can switch between the different tenants by clicking the user icon on the top right and selecting the right tenant.




Hi @Dima Donhin,

Thanks for the reply.

I understand it can be done via invitation which would allow the external people to manage.
Though, it is a very manual process of inviting every person for every client. Then, removal would also be similar.

Delegated admins via the Microsoft Partner dashboard would be much easier to manage.


I hope it gets added in the near future the same as management of other Office 365 components.