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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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Cloud App Security Datacenter Move

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Hello Experts,


Is it possible to change the datacenter that Cloud App Security collects data to?  For example, from the US to EMEA or the UK?  And if so, what's the process?



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Hi Matt,


EU customers that their tenant was created in the US datacenter can migrate to the EU datacenter.

The process is very simple. All they need to do is open a support ticket and a new (empty) tenant will be created for them.





Thanks for your quick reply, Niv.

My customer doesn't want to move their Office 365 tenant. They just want to be sure Cloud App Security is storing their data in EMEA, and preferably the UK. They've heard the CAS data is stored in the US by default. Can they raise a support ticket to confirm that?

Migrating his Cloud App Security tenant won't affect his Office 365 tenant.

Before raising a support ticket, I suggest to first check the DC of the customer's tenant. You can following the following guidance to see the DC -

If the tenant is in the US, they can raise a support ticket and we will migrate their MCAS tenant.




Perfect, thanks Niv!