CAS Utilization - Exchange Connector?


Is there a way to gain more control over the emails/files in Exchange through Cloud App Security? I have O365, OneDrive, and SharePoint added, and have policies and governance set up. But I can't really find a way through CAS to create policies looking into Exchange..


I am using the Security & Compliance Center for Exchange DLP and ATP, however, I thought CAS would be able to have some control and visibility into Exchange/Exchange Online.

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Hello Jordan,

CAS is meant to provide visibility into Exchange Online management operations, for example mailbox permissions changes. All the activities related to management show up in CAS activity log and can be used in policies.


Email flow and DLP are functions that are available in Exchange Online itself and not via CAS.






Ok, side note, as a resolution option, requiring a user to sign in again, does that require them to MFA as well?

If the user has MFA enabled then yes