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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Can Cloud App Security Expire Shared-Sharing on the Fly

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We are trying to find and implement a feature as a security measure with which it is possible to disable-restrict access to any shared doc then be it shared internally or externally, Security team can run a continuous discovery of documents being shared internally or externally and if identified there is something that should not be shared can be disabled-restricted asap (rather right then and there) or for that matter if it is possible to set some usual expiration duration for internal and external sharing like 30 days , 60 days etc..


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Hello Himanshu,

You can achieve this by creating a file policy filtered based on Access Level = External / Public, with an automatic governance action of "Make Private" (or any other that fits your scenario).


You cannot set an expiration for sharing, but you can use the last modified filter to find all files which are shared but havent been modified in the past 60 days.


What application are you using to host files?




My query is in regards to one drive for business or sharepoint online and this is possible for internal sharing also ? Right and it can report for sure as you ha ve mentioned

All sharing levels are possible. Internal people will be shown under Collaborators for the files and you can set the policy accordingly.