Azure VM connected to SCOM and Deploy Log Analitics Agent - what happened?

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As I understand If I deploy Log Analytics Agent to Azure VM via Defender for Cloud -  already connected to the SCOM these machines will be populating data to SCOM and Log Analytics Workspace at the same time without any problems?

The question is about Azure VM that is already connected to SCOM and sending logs to the SCOM server. What happens if via portal I deploy the Log Analytics agent for Azure VMs.

  1. New agent will be installed and configured to send logs to Log Analytics Workspace - the old one will be in place?
  2. To existing agent config will be added to send the log to the new Log Analytics Workspace and old SCOM?
  3. Existing SCOM Agent will be uninstalled or misconfigured and an new Log Analytics Workspace will be configured?
  4. Something different?

One more question - As I understand there are no problems with already implemented SCEP solutions.

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