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Dear Azure Security enthusiasts,


we are currently working on improvements to our Azure Security Center GitHub Community. As @Valon_Kolica pointed out in his post, we are looking for your feedback about how we're doing and what we can improve until 8/17/2020.


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In the meantime, we have already adjusted a few things to make our community more inclusive and engaging:


  • As a first step, we have created a GitHub Wiki, which will help you to learn how to contribute, how to propose automation artifacts, how to connect, and where to find even more information.
  • As of now, we will start to publish backlog items as GitHub issues, so you, the community, will always see, what is proposed and who is working on which automation artifact. Furthermore, if you want to contribute, you can pick items from the issue list, build an automation artifact around the feature, and submit it as a GitHub Pull Request, so we can merge your automation to our repository.
  • You may, and are encouraged to, propose new automation artifacts or changes to existing ones using our Feature Request Template.
  • If you find bugs in one of the artifacts, you can submit a new GitHub Issue using our Bug Report Template.
  • Once you submit a new artifact, you will get public credit as the author by mentioning you at the beginning of the readme file.

Now, it's your turn: respond to our survey, propose and submit your best automation artifacts, and let the community learn from your experience. Because #CommunityRocks and #SecurityRocks!


Best regards,

Tom Janetscheck

Senior Program Manager

CxE | Azure Security Center

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