Azure Security Center - Data collection - Can't connect Windows security events

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when i try to configure my data collection in ASC (with a standard Tier ) the "Windows security events" is disable, i can't select an option like "None", "Minimal", "Common", "All".


do you have any ideas of what can be the problem ?



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Hi@Arnaud Landry 

Thanks for getting in touch.

I think the cause might be that a non-default workspace is selected. Data collection should be configured for the workspace, not the subscription.

To do so, go to Pricing and settings, select the default workspace, and toggle the Storage account to Enabled.

Please let us know if that resolves the issue.

Hi @melvynadam 


when you say "go to Pricing and settings, select the default workspace, and toggle the Storage account to Enabled." it's a configuration under Azure Security center ? (settings - Data Collection ?)


My current configuration is : Security Center - Pricing & settings » Settings - Data Collection » Workspace configuration : Use another workspace


with a non-default workspace (i dont want to use another one but a previously create workspace)


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jsut got an answer from support, 


solution is to set existing workspace to standard 


so like you said : Security Center - Pricing & settings , select the destination worskpace then on the new page , choose "Standard"