azue security center pricing for on-premise systems


HI all, 


I have a customer who wants to secure and monitor both his on-prem and Azure resources with Azure Security Center. 

the pricing element that is unclear is how do we treat the on-premise elements. 

coudl someone explain or direct me to the person who might know? 




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Hi @MatthiasLannoy,


Azure Security Center (ASC) charges on-prem/Non-Azure servers just like Virtual machines - 0.02$/hour for running servers. We are updating our public pricing page to properly reflect that. 

Do not that in order to fully protect on-prem servers, you need to:

1. Install the Microsoft Monitoring agent 

2. Configure the agent to report to the desired workspace.

3. Make sure that that both the workspace and its parent subscription are on ASC standard tier


These steps are streamlined via a built-in experience in ASC: head to 'Compute & Apps' in the main menu, and then select the 'Add Computers' command:




You'll then be presented with an experience to onboard your Non-Azure servers.





Yoav Francis,

Azure Security Center