ASC VM agent- a migration strategy



Hi everyone,


Some of you may have already heard about a new agent being worked on which aims to eventually replace the existing Azure Log Analytics Agents used by ASC.


We would be happy to get your perspectives on such a migration project, and welcome your feedback in this form.


@Yuri Diogenes@Nicholas DiCola (SECURITY JEDI)- FYI and please share with organizations with whom you work with.


Please feel free to also reach out to me directly with any questions on this manner.


Thanks in advance and happy holidays,


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Hi, do you mind sharing more details about this as well as reference if there is any. I am in the middle of migrating on-prem servers to ASC perhaps I could give it a shot. Thx

@multicom this is currently still in plans, and once will be in public preview you could start and try it out. currently the solution is still via the existing log analytics workspace and solution path in ASC.