ASC Recommendations On Deleted Resources

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Hi all, 

last week i deleted some virtual machines that were onboarded in the security center. Now these resources are still displayed under the recommendations. How can I get these old entries out of the ASC?

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They should be gone by now. Please wait maybe another day or two and if they are still there please open a support ticket. Thank you.
Hi Stanislav,
i saw that i didn't deleted the whole ressource group of the VMs i deleted. Maybe this is the problem that it is display in ASC. I deleted these RGs and i think some are gone. I will verify and if there are still there i will contact support. Thanks for quick responde. Kind Regards Sebastian
When you delete the VMs you also needs to delete the associated NSG,disks and public IP if any or else they are left as orphan and ASC still shows them and post all the associated cleanup is done it sometimes take upto 24 hours to reflect in security center
Thats good to hear. Thank you for the explanation.