Alert Created with No Activity


I created a policy that generates an activity alert for MS Teams on MemberAdded or MemberRoleChanged.  This alert triggers a Flow and some custom code to evaluate Teams membership as part of our governance.  We today discovered that some alerts have no activity (see attached).


How is it possible for a policy alert to not have any activity?

If I want to create a support ticket, from where should I create one - Azure portal?


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Hi @Steven Sanders ,


Can you please confirm your admin role in MCAS ?


Regarding support, you can click on the "?" on the MCAS portal page.

@Sebastien Molendijk 

I am working with Steve on this issue, please tag me on future replies.

@Sebastien Molendijk @Steven Sanders 

A little more detail - the activity associated with an alert sometimes shows up 3-10 minutes later, and sometimes seems to not show up at all.


In the case of this alert (criteria is membership changes on an MS-Team), it would be great if the MS-Teams id GUID was included in the alert itself, and for our use case, the activity detail would not even be necessary.. While I realize that there are many permutations of Alerts that would have context-specific activity detail, perhaps there is a way to put the id GUID for the main category of Alert work load (like a MS-Team group) in the alert.