Activity log export with powershell

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Anyone knows a good article on working with exporting activity logs using powershell?


Specifically what I was looking for is export all 6 months activity logs (instead of clicking for each 7 day interval log to be exported one by one).  Also was interested in getting 'raw source data' exported for each EventID into excel csv. 

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Hello marka01,
Are you referring to the AMSI content output from the device timeline? If so, we do not currently have a supported way to do that today. That said, its a great feature request!
not sure what AMSI stands for. But I was refering to this output: click under any activity alert -> general -> source: app connector-> view raw data.
Any way to export activity logs using powershell?
Oh! This is MDA. My apologies. Let me see if I can find someone who is an MDA ninja for you...