3rd party vendor app governance/security

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I have a ton of 3rd party apps that auto update on their own in my environment. Is there anyway I could monitor/run a scan on those updateswith If not I'm open to any suggestion.

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Could you please elaborate on what do you mean by "3rd party apps that auto update on their own in my environment" ?



Meaning in the building industry that I work in there are many companies who provide proprietary quoting software for the people in the field.
Could you please share the scenario and what is your end goal while using Cloud App Security for this use case?

@Boris_Kacevich The scenario is the vendor pushes an update to their software on our machines and our AV solution finds ransomware/viruses. Is there anything I can setup for quality control/checks and balances for future updates?

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@GunnerGlory81  I would suggest doing this with App Policies in Endpoint Manager.


It also depends on the app itself, sometimes they have guidance on deployment and management and might create case like get their update package and distribute them. In addition Microsoft always welcome new idea, so you might share feedback on what is missing and what you expected.