What's New in Viva Sales – March 2023
Published Mar 22 2023 07:11 AM 7,014 Views

Microsoft Viva Sales is reimagining sales. By weaving customer relationship management (CRM) context and artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly into every salesperson’s flow of work, Viva Sales helps sellers focus time on what matters most: making meaningful connections, building trust, and moving deals forward.


This month, we’re excited to share the next generation of AI product updates in Viva Sales, empowering sellers to achieve new levels of productivity.


AI-generated email replies is now generally available (GA)

Last month, we announced how sellers can communicate more effectively with AI-generated email replies and improve the quality and timeliness of their communications.

AI-generated email replies is now generally available, with even more features and enhancements built into the email workflow. Here are some of the new additions we’ve made:


Generate replies with proposed meeting times

Sellers can now generate email replies with proposed meeting times based on their calendar availability in Outlook, simplifying the back and forth involved in scheduling customer meetings and quickly finding a time that works for everyone.




Build upon generated replies by providing additional prompts

If the generated reply isn't quite right, sellers can refine the results further by providing a new prompt that builds upon the previous suggestion. Optionally, they may restore the last result. This allows sellers to easily finetune their email replies according to their unique needs and preferences.




Understand the data sources behind generated replies

Sellers can now select any highlighted text to view the data sources behind generated replies. These cards provide sellers with valuable context and transparency about where the embedded information comes from, such as any previous meetings or sales data in the CRM.




Change the opportunity embedded in generated replies
As sellers generate these replies, Viva Sales intelligently embeds context from sales data in the CRM, such as opportunities, based on the content and participants looped in the email. If the embedded opportunity isn’t quite right, sellers can now easily generate a new draft by selecting and using a different opportunity.




Improve future replies by providing feedback

Finally, a new feedback mechanism allows sellers to rate the AI-generated content with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. This helps refine and improve future replies to ensure that Viva Sales continues to adapt to the unique needs of each and every seller.




AI-powered meeting summaries is more powerful than ever

Professionalism with customers and follow-through are crucial attributes for any good seller. To help with that, Sales Conversation Intelligence distills customer meetings into automated summaries of how the conversation went.

Now, with the help of GPT, we’re bringing these meeting summaries directly into emails to help sellers reclaim even more of their time and serve their customers even better:


Stay on top of email follow-ups with meeting summaries

After the meeting, sellers can now generate an email that provides a digest of how the conversation went, including any important topics and action items discussed. Available at the click of a button, these meeting summaries are enriched with any relevant data from the CRM and can be easily tweaked before sending, making it easier than ever before to stay engaged with customers and move deals forward.






To learn more about all these updates and watch a demo video, check out Lori Lamkin’s announcement on Copilot in Viva Sales— or to get started, set up email insights and use AI to kickstart email messages today.



We are on a mission to make every salesperson on the planet more successful.

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