What’s New in Viva Sales – February 2023
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Microsoft Viva Sales is reimagining sales by embedding customer relationship management (CRM) context and artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly into every salesperson’s flow of work, helping them focus time on what matters most: making meaningful connections, building trust, and moving deals forward.


This month, we’re bringing an exciting pair of new features that together make Viva Sales even more of an indispensable daily companion for sellers.


Communicate more effectively with AI-generated email replies


Traditionally, sellers have struggled to juggle the time and effort required to respond to customer emails with their other responsibilities. Now, harnessing the power of Azure OpenAI Service and GPT, sellers can improve the content and timeliness of their communications by automatically generating email replies. Available at the click of a button and accommodating a wide range of scenarios, these replies come personalized according to the combined data from CRM and Microsoft Graph and can be easily tweaked before sending.


GPT replies.jpg

Example of auto-generated response in Outlook


Generative AI in Viva Sales is now publicly available. To read more and watch the demo video, check out the dedicated blogpost—or to get started, enable suggested email replies in Outlook today.


Streamline customer discovery and understanding with Live People Cards


When you select or hover over a person’s name or picture in Outlook or Teams, you can find information related to them is available on their profile card. Coming soon, these profile cards will get enriched with sales-specific data from Viva Sales and CRM, helping sellers identify and understand their contacts. Offering a shortcut to key customer information, including CRM data, personal notes, and communication history, Live People Card enables sellers to quickly contextualize and develop a more informed approach to serving their customers, all without ever leaving the flow of work.


LPC medium.png

Viva Sales medium view in the Live People Card in Outlook


LPC extended.png

Viva Sales extended view in the Live People Card in Outlook


Live People Cards is scheduled for release at the end of this month. To learn more, check back on this post soon. Optionally, you may click “Subscribe” to receive an email update when it becomes available.




We are on a mission to make every salesperson on the planet more successful. By augmenting the flow of work with essential customer information and AI, Viva Sales empowers sellers to make better decisions, collaborate more effortlessly together, and build stronger relationships so that they can close more deals.


Ready to join us and other top-performing sales organizations worldwide? To get started with Viva Sales, reach out to your Microsoft sales team, or visit the Viva Sales webpage for more information.


Want to stay in the loop? Stay connected to the latest improvements before everybody else at https://aka.ms/vivasalesupdates. We would also love to hear from you on our community feedback forum.


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