Trying to relate logs

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I am trying to relate the logs I see in the firewall with the cloud access security logs

Is It possible to see the exact times when the user is supposed to have accessed the relevant URLs ?

As I cannot see some of the connections reported on the CAS on my firewall which is pushing the logs into it .. either the CAS is seeing stuff that isn't there is stuff the firewall is missing

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Hi Steve,


In the Cloud Discovery pages you can only see the day and not the exact time, but we'll gladly help you with the investigation. 

Can you please open a support ticket with details about the URLs and user you would like to check?




Hi Niv


Hope you had a good festive season i cant see how you  open a ticket for this particular issue

When i go onto the Azure security page the only options i can see are billing and subscription

management .

These are obviously not relevant 

Can you tell me where the relevant place is to open a support ticket please ?>