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in CAS I used the Scoped Deployment setting to scope to just a single group. (and for all apps)   I have most of the default policies in place, plus added a policy that looks for certificate file extensions in shared files.   Just got an alert today for a user that shared a .cer file.  On surface seems good.  However the user is not part of the group included in Scoped Deployment.  Why would I get this alert, as I thought the policies would only apply to the one group I included?



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Hi Mark,

Scoped Deployment affects only activities performed by the defined users, as mentioned in the Scoped Deployment screen itself.

Files are outside the scope and will always be monitored for all users as they are often targets of collaboration and aren't related to a single user.





So if files are outside the Scoped Deployment feature and are always monitored for ALL users, then this seemingly means that the CAS policies that relate to files are not subject to the baseline CAS licensing that require EMS E5 or O365 E5.    This appears to be all the policies of type "file policy", as well as the Malware Detection policy?  Anythings else that falls outside Scoped Deployment, and therefore outside of E5 user licensing?




The licensing covers users. Anything that isnt covered by scoped deployment is outside the licensing, meaning you'll still remain compliant even if the data is available.