MacOS / MDATP - MCAS Integration

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Currently the MDATP powered cloud discovery, application blocking and other capabilities are restricted to Windows 10 devices. Does the development roadmap for MDATP and MCAS have the same capabilities in development for Mac? Can expect feature parity in areas like this as the Mac MDATP platform matures?

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Support for MacOS for Discovery is on the roadmap but at the moment we don't have an ETA.

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Hi @kylemiller061,

The support for macOS devices is planned to be added by the end of this fiscal year. Stay tuned for more updates to come.


@Danny Kadyshevitch Any updates on this front?

Hi @Saif_Rahman 

Nice to meet you.

MacOS support is still planned for the end 2020CY.

The plan is to roll out with app controls - e.g app allow/block access.

During 2021CY we plan to introduce Shadow IT discovery for MacOS as well.




@Danny Kadyshevitch : Do you have any update on this? Is the progress still expected to be completed by end of 2020? 

@ShadowScout Hi,


The controls for MacOS should be available as part of the MacOS preview in Microsoft Defender for Endpoints. any app tagged as unsanctioned in MCAS should be blocked on the Mac device. 

Discovery is still in our backlog planned for 2021 CY.



@Boris_Kacevich : Thank you Boris! Is "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint" available with EMS e5 sku or only with Microsoft 365 e5? 


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@Boris_Kacevich Thanks. Where do you find this setting in

@ShadowScout Only in M365 E5.



@Boris_Kacevich  That link doesn't work for me