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Now teams/SharePoint always 3 collaborators; Owners, visitors and members. 

I am trying to find out which file has more than these 3 users but i find it difficult. Is there any way to do so?

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Are you talking about extracting the membership of those groups or something else ?
Extracting group membership is not something we currently support.

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@Sebastien Molendijk

I am not worried about extracting membership because it can be done via powershell. 


What I hope the MCAS can do is to look for outlier. Any additional user/group has been added to the sharepoint/teams. 

I am fine they have been added to the original group owner/member because it is a normal process. However, every member can add another user from the Azure AD, and we just need a report on that. 


The filter don't have like on URL (so I can't search whether it is /teams/ or /sites/)/