Can't see the Connect App and investigate option in my Cloud App Security

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I am trying the cloud app security for the first time. I have been redirected to the below second page from the office 365 Security & Compliance page. I can't see the App Connect option neither investigate? 


Office 365 Security and Compliance.JPG


Cloud App Security.JPG

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@AliAlAli What are your roles when you access 


To set up Cloud App Security, you must be a Global Administrator or a Security Administrator in Azure Active Directory or Office 365.

@AliAlAli It looks like you have a license only for Cloud App Discovery and not for the full Microsoft Cloud App Security product.


Hi JanBakker330,

I am using an account with Global Admin role.

@Dima Donhin I am not sure about this, however with P1 I think you get full access at least for Office 365 cloud app security. 



@Dima Donhin  I have Azure P1 license, shouldn't that provide at least office 365 app cloud security ?

@AliAlAli Only Cloud App Discovery is part of the P1. 


Take a look at this guide :


It is very badly worded, but it's saying that you get the Discovery and Risk Assessment features of Microsoft Cloud App Security with Azure AD Premium P1 or P2. It is also trying to say that you get realtime monitoring and session control -IF- you also own Microsoft Cloud App Security or Office 365 Cloud App Security.


This overview says the same: