You do not have permission to view calendar!

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I have just started to use Bookings, however, I have managed to get it running and have added bookings and spent time adjusting parameters etc, however, I have come to go into it today and when I try to access through the business centre, it just keeps saying Permission is Needed, You do not have access..... talk to your administrator.  I am the administrator and nothing has changed!!!


Any thoughts from the community?

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Hi Toni - sorry for the trouble. We had an issue with Bookings license management that seemed to affect a small number of customers recently. It's likely this is what you're hitting. To fix the issue please try to un-assign and then re-assign a Bookings license for yourself in the Office 365 Admin Center, then log-off, and try to re-access Bookings from a fresh browser session. Please let me know if that doesn't help. Thanks and, again, sorry for the trouble. 


Will, Microsoft Bookings team

I have a client that uses MS Bookings and they have just appointed a PA to help manage emails and bookings etc. So I've provisioned the PA with a O365 Buisness Licence, but they don't have access to the Bookings and I believe that's because they are not a Global Admin User.

Well, I'm not going to add the PA as a Global Admin user, so how do I go about creating a security group and giving that group permission to access and manage the Microsoft Bookings.

To move things forward, I have created a Security Group in Azure called "Bookings Calendar Access" and have assigned access to the PA and my client (he is a global Admin), but now how to allow this group access to the Bookings?